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Observational Training for the Astrophysics Master 2 students

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Observational Training for the Astrophysics Master 2 students

Master 2 students at the OHP in September 2017. Credit Image: Julien Morin (LUPM)

The training stage for the Master 2 Astrophysique (University Claude Bernard Lyon 1 and University of Montpellier) and Master 2 Cosmos, Champs et Particules (University of Montpellier) has been from the 18 to 22 September 2017 at the Observatory of Haute-Provence (OHP) with 23 students supervised by Jean-François Gonzalez (CRAL, UCBL1), Julien Morin (LUPM, Univ. Montpellier) and Bertrand Plez (LUPM, Univ. Montpellier). Through four beautiful nights, they have acquired observational data for eight projects (age and distance of stellar clusters, temperature and pression of a nebula, characterization of an exoplanet system, etc.), especially more than 4500 images, of which 400 spectra. Now, the students analyze the data and interpret them to elaborate their project for the end of this year.

These training projects received support from the Physics Departments of UCBL1 and Montpellier University, from the LabEX LIO (Lyon) and OCEVU (Montpellier), from the laboratories CRAL (Lyon) and LUPM (Montpellier), and the welcome at the OHP.

First treatment of data showing the transit of the exoplanet WASP 10b in front of its star. Crédit : Geoffrey Krouchi et Christophe Lenert, students of the M2 Astrophysics