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Staff of CRAL regularly organize conferences and workshops that focus on a particular subject linked to a topic or project in the laboratory. These meetings are intended for professionals only.


Year 2022


Year 2020

  • BlueMuse Science Workshop
    Reported - 30 March - 1st April 2020, Lyon
    Organizers: N. Bouché (CRAL), R. Bacon (CRAL), M. Farcy (CRAL), M. Rey (CRAL), J. Richard (CRAL)


Year 2019

  • Congress of OSUL Doctorates
    14 November 2019, Fontannes room (Darwin D building), La Doua campus
    Organizers: doctorates of CRAL and LGL-TPE
  • Scientific Council of the National Programme of Stellar Physics
    5-6 November 2019, Monod-ENSL site
    Event restreint to the CS members
  • Alpine Cosmology Workshop 2019
    30 June - 5 July 2019, La Berarde, Saint-Christophe-en-Oisans (Isère)
    Organizers: A. Finoguenov (Helsinki Univ.), J. Comparat (MPE), J. RIchard (CRAL), V. Varaoni (Bishops Univ.), N. Kaiser (IAP), J.-P. Kneib (EPFL)
  • Lenstool days workshop
    1 - 2 July 2019, Observatoire de Lyon in Saint Genis-Laval
    Organizer: J. Richard (CRAL)
  • European Week of Astronomy and Space Science EWASS2019
    24 - 28 June 2019, Campus of Manufacture des Tabacs, Univ. of Lyon 3, Lyon 8ème
    Organizers: European Astronomical Society (EAS), P. Prugniel (CRAL, chair of SOC), I. Vauglin (CRAL, chair of LOC)
    Outreach programme in parallel of EWASS2019 is available here.


Year 2018

  • Workshop - Non-Equilibrium Systems
    27-28 November 2018, Amphitheater D2, ENSLyon-Descartes, Lyon 7ème
    Organizators: M. Bourgoin (LP), T. Alboussière (LGL), B. Commerçon (CRAL), T. Dauxois (LP), F. Godeferd (ECL), L. Joly (ILM), G. Laibe (CRAL), A. Mikelic (ICJ), Y. Ouerdane (LHC), L. Saint-Raymond (UMPA), F. Raynal (ECL), C. Ybert (ILM)
  • 2018 RAMSES user meeting (RUM 2018)
    17-21 September 2018, Lyon (MICL-Lyon3 & ENSLyon-Monod)
    Organizers : J. Rosdahl (CRAL), B. Commerçon (CRAL), J. Sorce (CRAL), J. Blaizot (CRAL), L. Michel-Dansac (CRAL)
  • HARMONI Consortium Meeting
    10-14 september 2018, ENSLyon-Descartes, Lyon
    Organizers : A. Remillieux (CRAL), S. Ramage (CRAL)
  • HARMONI IFS Busy Week
    13-15 March 2018, Site of Observatoire de Lyon, St-Genis-Laval
    Organizers: A. Remillieux (CRAL), M. Loupias (CRAL), S. Ramage (CRAL)


Year 2017

  • 4MOST All Hands meeting 2017
    11-15 September 2017, Campus ENS de Lyon, Lyon
    LOC : Johan Richard (CRAL), Patrick Caillier (CRAL), Laurence Tresse (CRAL), Roelof de Jong (AIP), Sandrine Ramage (CRAL), Stéphanie Vigner (CRAL), Diana Johl (AIP)
  • PNCG 2017 national days
    16-17 Novembre 2017, Campus of La Doua, Lyon
    SOC/LOC: Johan Richard (CRAL), David Elbaz (CEA/IRFU/DAp), Vanessa Hill (OCA), Matthieu Tristram (LAL), Nicolas Bouché (IRAP), Etienne Pointecouteau (IRAP), Yannick Copin (IPNL)


Year 2016

  • "From Dust to Planet" Workshop
    20 - 21 October 2016, Amphitheater of CRAL, St-Genis Laval, Observatory site
    Organizor: Francesco Pignatale (CRAL)
  • Congress of OSUL Doctorates
    3 November 2016, Mérieux Amphitheater on the La Doua site, Lyon
    Organizors: the doctorates of CRAL and LGLTPE