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17.05.2024 11 am Observatoire TBD Nicolas Peretto (Cardiff) See abstract
03.05.2024 11 am Observatoire TBD Florent Leclercq (IAP) See abstract
12.04.2024 11 am Observatoire TBD Benjamin Magnelli (CEA Saclay) See abstract
05.04.2024 11 am ENS TBD Ziyan Xu (internal seminar) See abstract
16.02.2024 11 am Observatoire The time evolution of cosmic reionization Dominique Aubert (ObAS) See abstract See video
09.02.2024 11 am Observatoire Unsupervised Machine Learning applied to galaxies Didier Fraix-Burnet (IPAG) See abstract See video
02.02.2024 11 am Observatoire Preparing for JWST to unveil the sources of cosmic reionization : Connecting gas properties to ionizing photon escape in confirmed LyC leakers and non-leakers Floriane Leclercq (U Texas) See abstract
08.12.2023 11 am Observatoire The properties of galaxies in environments of clusters at their peak assembly epoch & galaxy rotation curves as dark matter laboratories Bianca-Iulia Ciocan (internal seminar) See abstract See video
24.11.2023 11 am Observatoire The dynamics of star-forming galaxies at cosmic noon Annagrazia Puglisi (Southampton) See abstract See video
17.11.2023 11 am ENS The impact of rotation and turbulence on core-collapse supernovae
and in a shallow water analogue experiment
Thierry Foglizzo (CEA Saclay) See abstract See video
10.11.2023 11 am Observatoire Towards a comprehensive understanding of the origin of globular clusters and of their multiple stellar populations Francesco Calura (Osservatorio Astronomico di Bologna) See abstract See video
19.10.2023 1 pm ENS [PhD defence] Sédimentation de grains poreux dans les disques protoplanétaires : influence sur l’épaisseur de la couche de poussière et la formation de planétésimaux Stephane Michoulier (CRAL) See abstract
13.10.2023 11 am Observatoire Resolving star formation processes at 10-100s pc resolution in distant galaxies with JWST/NIRCam Adélaïde Claeyssens (Stockholm U) See abstract See video
06.10.2023 11 am Observatoire GATOS and EIFIS : Two new instrumentation concepts for the 10.4m GTC Antonio de Ugarte Postigo (OCA) See abstract See video
29.09.2023 11 am ENS Amphi F Turbulence in outer protoplanetary disks and debris disks Can Cui (University of Toronto) See abstract See video
15.09.2023 11 am Observatoire Shaping the Future with Freeform Optics : An Emphasis on Design Jannick P. Rolland (U Rochester) See abstract
08.09.2023 11 am Observatoire Cryogenic AIT tools for HARMONI Adrien Girardot (internal seminar) See abstract See video
23.06.2023 11 am ENS Galactic Multi-scale Simulations of GMC and Star Cluster Formation Ralph Pudritz (McMaster University) See abstract See video
16.06.2023 11 am Observatoire What is the origin of the different kinematic morphologies of early-type galaxies ? Michal Bilek (Paris Observatory LERMA) See abstract
09.06.2023 11 am Amphi F ENS How (not) to make stars and planets Daniel Price (Monash) See abstract See video
30.05.2023 11 am ENS room M7.101 Opportunities for Imaging the Planet Forming Environment with ALMA Ian Czekala (Penn State) See abstract See video
12.05.2023 11 am ENS How to weigh your protoplanetary disc (without using a scale !) Benedetta Veronesi (internal seminar) See abstract See video
05.05.2023 11 am Observatoire Mapping the Circumgalactic Medium and Intergalactic Medium through Lya and MgII Emission Yucheng Guo (internal seminar) See abstract See video
28.04.2023 11 am Observatoire Spectrograph design : some challenges, strategies and technologies Alexandre Jeanneau (internal seminar) See abstract See video
07.04.2023 11 am Observatoire Intermediate-mass black holes in dwarf galaxies - a missing link in the understanding of early black hole formation and evolution Dieu Nguyen Duc (internal seminar) See abstract See video
31.03.2023 11 am Observatoire Structural evolution of galaxies since cosmic noon Stijn Wuyts (University of Bath) See abstract See video
24.03.2023 11 am Observatoire Toward Unsupervised Predictive Adaptive Optics Control Éric Thiébaut (internal seminar) See abstract See video
17.03.2023 11 am Observatoire An Emerging Hybrid Technology Towards Ultra-light & Self-correcting, "Live" and "Fast" Deformable Mirrors Gil Moretto (internal seminar) See abstract See video
10.03.2023 11 am Observatoire The PEPR Origins and the extreme adaptive optics optimal wavefront measurement and control project Maud Langlois (internal seminar) See abstract See video
03.03.2023 11 am Observatoire The dynamics, star formation and chemical properties of high redshift galaxies as seen with KMOS and MUSE Mark Swinbank (Durham) See abstract See video
22.02.2023 2 pm Observatoire JWST observations of ALMA [OIII] 88 μm emitters in the epoch of reionization Takuya Hashimoto (University of Tsukuba) See abstract See video
03.02.2023 11 am Observatoire Experimental mechanics, some approaches and their tools Matthieu Guibert (internal seminar) See abstract See video
27.01.2023 11 am Observatoire X-ray emissions from the large scale structure of the Universe Johan Comparat (MPE) See abstract See video
20.01.2023 11 am Observatoire Implications of AGN feedback on high redshift galaxies Flora Stanley (IRAM) See abstract See video
18.01.2023 2 pm Observatoire Formation of black holes in the PI mass gap Guglielmo Costa (internal seminar) See abstract See video
13.01.2023 11 am Observatoire Galaxies as tracers and agents of cosmic reionization in the JWST era Jorryt Matthee (ETH Zürich) See abstract See video
16.12.2022 11 am Observatoire Past, present and future of integral field spectroscopy III Roland Bacon (internal seminar) See abstract See video
09.12.2022 11 am Observatoire Past, present and future of integral field spectroscopy II Roland Bacon (internal seminar) See abstract See video
25.11.2022 11 am Observatoire Past, present and future of integral field spectroscopy I Roland Bacon (internal seminar) See abstract See video
18.11.2022 11 am ENS From galactic dynamics to star formation : what sets the star formation rate ? Noé Brucy (CEA Saclay) See abstract See video
21.10.2022 11 am Observatoire Understanding the magneto-rotational evolution of stars Antoine Strugarek (CEA Saclay) See abstract See video
18.10.2022 11 am Observatoire PhD defence : Simulations of the circum-galactic medium - a comparative study of subgrid models for star formation and their feedback Maxime Rey (CRAL) See abstract
30.09.2022 10 am Observatoire PhD defence : Cosmological Simulations of Cosmic Rays and the Epoch of Reionisation Marion Farcy (CRAL) See abstract
29.09.2022 3 pm Observatoire Bridging Optical and Far-Infrared Emission-Line Diagrams of Galaxies from Local to the Epoch of Reionization Yuma Sugahara (Waseda University) See abstract See video
23.09.2022 11 am ENS room M7-101 Unravelling the birth of stars and protostellar disks Asmita Bhandare (internal seminar) See abstract
29.07.2022 11 am Observatoire Status update on the Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument and first results from IGM-based cosmology Satya Gontcho A Gontcho (Berkeley) See abstract
08.07.2022 11 am Observatoire Resolved stellar populations in nearby galaxies : star formation history Lidia Makarova (SAO) See abstract See video
06.07.2022 11 am Observatoire New catalogue of edge-on galaxies based on the Pan-STARRS survey Dmitry Makarov (SAO) See abstract See video
01.07.2022 11 am via Zoom only Mapping the Circumgalactic Medium and Intergalactic Medium Through Both Absorption and Emission Zheng Cai (Tsinghua University, Beijing) See abstract See video
30.06.2022 2 pm Observatoire Exploring the role of radiation pressure in star cluster formation with 3D radiation hydrodynamic simulations Shyam Menon (ANU) See abstract See video
24.06.2022 11 am ENS Cosmic Magnetism and Plasma Microphysics (or, I get by with help from my little friends) Matthew Kunz (Princeton University) See abstract See video
17.06.2022 11 am Observatoire Uncovering Extremely Metal-Poor Galaxies Towards the Era of JWST Studies Yuki Isobe (University of Tokyo) See abstract See video
03.06.2022 11 am ENS Adventures in Dusty Discs Sijme-Jan Paardekooper (Queen Mary University of London) See abstract See video
20.05.2022 11 am Observatoire Galaxy Evolution in Absorption — Beyond the Visible Tip of the Galaxy Iceberg Jens-Kristian Krogager (Internal seminar) See abstract See video
06.05.2022 11 am Observatoire Expanding on Hubble’s law Asta Heinesen (Internal seminar) See abstract See video
15.04.2022 11 am Observatoire Galaxies : from life to death Jérémy Fensch (Internal seminar) See abstract See video
08.04.2022 11 am Observatoire Object detection, characterization and reconstruction from faint signals in images : applications for direct imaging of circumstellar environments Olivier Flasseur (LESIA — Observatoire de Paris ) See abstract See video
01.04.2022 11 am Observatoire Etching Glass : Hydrogen Fluoride in astrophysics Matt Lehnert (Internal seminar) See abstract See video
25.03.2022 11 am Observatoire Planet formation in stellar clusters Tom Haworth (Queen Mary University of London) See abstract See video
11.03.2022 11 am ENS Are magnetic fields shaping protoplanetary discs ? Geoffroy Lesur (IPAG Grenoble) See abstract See video
04.03.2022 Resolving the Baryon Cycle in Emission and Absorption : First Insights from RAMSES-RTZ Harley Katz (Oxford) See abstract See video
14.01.2022 Studying the Universe with gravitational-waves sources Simone Mastrogiovanni (PCCP) See abstract
17.12.2021 How diverse are the faintest dwarf galaxies Martin Rey (Oxford) See abstract
10.12.2021 Quasar feedback and the origin of extended Lyα glow in z > 6 quasars Tiago Costa (MPA, Garching) See abstract
24.11.2021 Exploring the sources of cosmic reionization with simulations Maxime Trebitsch (Kapteyn Institute, Groningen) See abstract
11.06.2021 - SF2A 2021 -
04.06.2021 The Cosmic Baryon and Metal Cycles Céline Péroux (ESO) See abstract
28.05.2021 - - -
21.05.2021 Investigating the connection of galaxy clusters to the cosmic web Céline Gouin (IAS) See abstract
07-14.05.2021 - - -
30.04.2021 [Extra-ordinary] Kinematics of the Circumgalactic Gas : How Do Galaxies Get Their Gas Stephanie Ho (Texas A&M Uni) See abstract
09-23.04.2021 - - -
02.04.2021 An intuitive parametric model for MHD turbulence, and simple applications to astrophysics Jean-Baptiste Durrive (KU Leuven) See abstract
26.03.2021 Cuspy Dark Matter Density Profile in Disk-like Galaxies at z \sim 1 ? Gauri Sharma (SISSA) See abstract
19.03.2021 Gas dynamics in high resolution in the Galactic Center Anna Ciurlo (UCLA) See abstract
12.03.2021 Galaxies and the nature of dark matter & gravity Benoît Famaey (ObAS) See abstract
05.03.2021 A new era of interferometry with GRAVITY Jean-Baptiste Le Bouquin (IPAG) See abstract
26.02.2021 Unveiling black holes through tidal disruption events Martina Toscani (UniMi) See abstract
12-19.02.2021 - - -
05.02.2021 Unveiling the physical and chemical evolution of planet-forming disks : from ALMA to JWST Benoît Tabone (Leiden Uni) See abstract
29.01.2021 Planet formation in multiple stellar systems Nicolas Cuello (IPAG) See abstract
8-22.01.2021 - - -
- - - -
- - - -
11.12.2020 Recent results from scattering transforms in astrophysics and cosmology Erwan Allys (LPENS) See abstract
04.12.2020 Investigating the physical processes driving the evolution of baryons in local and high-redshift low-metallicity galaxies Ambra Nanni (NCBJ) See abstract
- - - -
15.10.2020 [THESE] To be announced Laurence Denneulin (CRAL) See abstract
29.09.2020 [THESE] Pièges à poussière auto-induits dans les disques protoplanétaires : du rôle des lignes de gel à la formation de planétésimaux Arnaud Véricel (CRAL) See abstract
24.09.2020 [THESE] To be announced Ugo Lebreuilly (CRAL) See abstract
21.09.2020 [HDR] To be announced Guillaume Laibe (CRAL) See abstract
18.09.2020 [THESE] Grain growth by the Galerkin method for the formation of planets Maxime Lombart (CRAL) See abstract
16.09.2020 [HDR] Dynamique des fluides astrophysiques pour la formation des étoiles Benoît Commerçon (CRAL) See abstract
03.07.2020 Biographie d’Adolphe Gouhenant Emmanuel Pécontal (CRAL) See abstract
29.05-26.06.2020 - - -
22.05.2020 no seminar CRAL closed -
15.05.2020 Topology and Geometry : Application to cosmological datasets Pratyush Pranav (CRAL) See abstract
15.05.2020 CANCELLED To be announced Céline Gouin (IAS) -
01-08.05.2020 no seminar Holiday days -
24.04.2020 Influence of grain properties on dust evolution in protoplanetary discs Jean-François Gonzalez (CRAL) See abstract
24.04.2020 CANCELLED To be announced Francesco Calura (INAF) -
17.04.2020 Where feedback fails : clues from the kinematics of disc galaxies Lorenzo Posti (ObAS) See abstract
15.04.2020 CANCELLED [Extra-ordinary] To be announced Anaëlle Maury (CEA) See abstract
10.04.2020 - - -
03.04.2020 CANCELLED To be announced Victor Bonjean (IAS) See abstract
20-27.03.2020 - - -
18.03.2020 CANCELLED [Extra-ordinary] Ramses with cosmic rays : anisotropic diffusion, streaming instability and shock-acceleration Yohan Dubois (IAP) See abstract
13.03.2020 Assembling the Milky Way Florent Renaud (Lund Obs.) See abstract
06.03.2020 Calibration of the tip of the red giants branch using GAIA DR2 Dmitry Makarov (SAO) See abstract
28.02.2020 The Angular Momentum of the CGM in Illustris+TNG Daniel DeFelippis (Columbia Univ.) See abstract
21.02.2020 Bilan du projet CALENDS (Clusters And LENsing Distant Sources) Johan Richard (CRAL) See abstract
07-14.02.2020 - - -
31.01.2020 Simuler un trou noir et son écharpe de plasma : de la parallélisation à
la GéPUfication d’un (vieux) code
Emmanuel Quemener (Centre Blaise Pascal) See abstract
24.01.2020 Misalignments, precession and shadows in protoplanetary discs Rebecca Nealon (Leicester Univ.) See abstract
17.01.2020 Quenching star formation in massive galaxies Allison Man (Toronto Univ.) See abstract
10.01.2020 STRONG LENSING : Illuminating clusters of galaxies and the structures behind them Guillaume Mahler (Michigan Univ.) See abstract
- - - -
- - - -
20.12.2019 MATISSE : The mid-infrared spectro-interferometric instrument of VLTI Philippe Berio (OCA) See abstract
13.12.2019 The challenge of indirect dark matter searches Angeles Moliné (UAM) See abstract
06.12.2019 [HDR] Low frequency radio properties of high energy sources, AGNs, Clusters Mamta Pommier See abstract
29.11.2019 Exoplanet detection in direct imaging by statistical learning of the non-stationary patch covariances : The PACO-based algorithms Olivier Flasseur (St-Etienne Univ.) See abstract
22.11.2019 NEAR : Imaging massive rocky planets in the habitable zone of Alpha Centauri Anne-Lise Maire (Liege Univ.) See abstract
15.11.2019 - LIO Seminar -
08.11.2019 Free Free -
01.11.2019 no seminar Holiday day -
25.10.2019 TO BE RESCHEDULED Properties of galaxies at z $\sim$ 6 - 9 revealed by ALMA Takuya Hashimoto (Waseda Univ.) See abstract
18.10.2019 Galaxy evolution : a gas perspective Jonathan Freundlich (Hebrew Univ.) See abstract
04-11.10.2019 Free Free -
27.09.2019 [Extra-ordinary] Resonant relaxation of stars around a supermassive black hole Jean-Baptiste Fouvry (IAP) See abstract
20.09.2019 Two or three tricks from machine vision applied to the study of the magnetized interstellar medium Juan Diego Soler (MPIA) See abstract
13.09.2019 Absorption spectroscopy as a unique probe of galaxy evolution Jens-Kristian Krogager (IAP) See abstract
06.09.2019 Free Free -
2-30.08.2019 no seminar/Free CRAL closed/Free -
26.07.2019 Contribution of multipolar electromagnetic fields to the radio and high energy emission of pulsars Anu Kundu (ObAS) See abstract
19.07.2019 Gravitational Arcs : a closer look at typical z\sim1 disc galaxies Vera Patricio (DARK) See abstract
12.07.2019 Free Free -
05.07.2019 Hydrodynamics and radiation from tidal disruption events Clément Bonnerot (Caltech) See abstract
24-28.06.2019 no seminar EWASS2019 -
21.06.2019 Free Free -
14.06.2019 Dust Evolution from the Perspective of Nearby Galaxies Frédéric Galliano (CEA) See abstract
12.06.2019 [PhD Thesis] Low mass galaxies seen by MUSE and gravitational lensing Johany Martinez (CRAL) See abstract
07.06.2019 Interpreting the Dust Grain Asymmetries in Transition Discs Josh Calcino (Queensland Univ.) See abstract
31.05.2019 no seminar CRAL closed -
10-24.05.2019 Free Free -
03.05.2019 The pupil-modulated Point-Diffraction Interferometer Nicolas Dubost (Durham) See abstract
26.04.2019 Galaxy cluster cosmology from surveys of the hot Universe Nicolas Clerc (IRAP) See abstract
19.04.2019 Three ways to quench a galaxy Sean McGee (Birmingham Univ.) See abstract
12.04.2019 From dust grains to planets : How the observations of substructures in protoplanetary disks has constrained the planet assembly ? Yann Boehler (IPAG) See abstract
05.04.2019 The peak and edge of galaxy formation Oscar Agertz (Lund Observatory) See abstract
29.03.2019 Structures, shapes and patterns in spatial data through probabilistic modelling and statistical inference Radu Stoica (Lorraine Univ.) See abstract
22.03.2019 A new data reduction algorithm for SPHERE : An inverse problem approach - a glimpse of forward model, a zest of calibration, a hint of robust penalization Anthony Berdeu (Laboratoire Hubert Curien) See abstract
15.03.2019 Maunakea Spectroscopic Explorer - the premier 10m class spectroscopic survey observatory for the next decades Nicolas Flagey (CFHT) & Nicolas Martin (ObAS) See abstract
08.03.2019 Spatially resolved emission line maps : a crucial ingredient to study giant star-forming regions at high redshift Anita Zanella (ESO) See abstract
01.03.2019 Free Free -
22.02.2019 Orbital and spectral characterization of the benchmark T dwarf HD 19467B Anne-Lise Maire (Liege Univ.) See abstract
15.02.2019 Cosmic shear : from galaxy shapes to cosmology Nicolas Martinet (LAM) See abstract
08.02.2019 Investigating Galaxy Evolution with Deep Learning Marc Huertas-Company (Paris Observatory) See abstract
01.02.2019 Gas fraction of galaxies and impact of mergers across cosmic times Jérémy Fensch (ESO) See abstract
25.01.2019 Synthetic observations of early star formation Alison Young Gray (Exeter) See abstract
18.01.2019 Magnetic fields in galaxies : A new low-frequency radio continuum perspective Sarrvesh Shridhar (ASTRON) See abstract
11.01.2019 News from our MUSE Roland Bacon (CRAL) See abstract
- - - -
- - - -
21.12.2018 Observing the multi-scale cosmic web at high redshift and quantifying its impact on galaxy assembly Clotilde Laigle (Oxford University) See abstract
21.12.2018 [PhD Thesis] @ENSL Florian Debras (CRAL) -
14.12.2018 The role of HI kinematics and HI column density on the escape of Lya photons in star-forming galaxies Lucia Guaita (PUC) See abstract
07.12.2018 The many faces of stellar feedback and the roles in the galaxy baryon cycle Edouard Tollet (OBSPM) See abstract
30.11.2018 On the Role of Galaxies and Black Holes in Reionising their Intergalactic Environments Koki Kakiichi (UCL) See abstract
23.11.2018 Understanding the structure of molecular clouds : Multi-line wide-field imaging of Orion B Jan Orkisz (Chalmers University) See abstract
16.11.2018 Metallicity gradients and the effects of diffuse ionized gas Henry Poetrodjojo (ANU) See abstract
09.11.2018 Transforming our understanding of the X-ray Universe : the Imaging X-ray Polarimetry Explorer (IXPE) Frédéric Marin (ObAS) See abstract
02.11.2018 no seminar CRAL closed -
28.09 - 26.10 2018 Free Free -
24.09.2018 [PhD Thesis] Nouvelle Physique aux Collisionneurs et dans l’Espace Glenn Robins (CRAL) -
21.09.2018 Pulsalys : research and industry Laetitia Roux (Pulsalys) See abstract
14.09.2018 Make your code famous ! (or at least discoverable) Alice Allen (ASCL) See abstract
07.09.2018 GMO-clones for an APC Jenny Sorce (CRAL) See abstract
04.09.2018 [PhD Thesis] Evolution of the porosity of grains : a solution for planetary formation problems ? Anthony Garcia (CRAL) See abstract
31.08.2018 AstroSat/UVIT deep imaging survey of galaxies in the GOODS-South Kanak Saha (IUCAA) See abstract
27.07.2018 Satellite galaxies and their large-scale environment. Quan Guo (SHAO) See abstract
20.07.2018 Galaxy Evolution in 3D Lisa Kewley (ANU) See abstract
06.07.2018 On the detection of faint Lyman-alpha haloes in MUSE deep fields. Jean-Baptiste Courbot (INRIA) See abstract
29.06.2018 Early galaxy evolution : gas and dust in galaxies during the first billion years after the big bang. Kristen Knudsen (Onsala Space Observatory) See abstract
15.06.2018 GalICS 2.1 : disentangling the roles of cold accretion and cooling in the formation of galaxies. Andrea Cattaneo (Paris Observatory) See abstract
08.06.2018 Fours Solaires et Optique Adaptative François Henault (Univ Grenoble) See abstract
06.06.2018 Early Results of the Subaru Hyper Suprime-Cam Survey for High Redshift Galaxies Masami Ouchi (ICRR, Tokyo) See abstract
01.06.2018 The inhomogeneous propagation of the Reionization Dominique Aubert (Strasbourg Obs.) See abstract
25.05.2018 Making it up to E(A)LT’s : extremely (adaptive) large telescopes Carlos Correia (LAM) See abstract
18.05.2018 Non-linear reconstruction of cosmological density and velocity fields for massive spectroscopic surveys via Fast Action Minimization method. Elena Sarpa (LAM) See abstract
04.05.2018 Galaxy kinematics in cosmological simulations : connecting angular momentum, spin, mass growth and environment Claudia Lagos (ICRAR) See abstract
27.04.2018 Large-scale structure of the Universe : observer’s point of view Elmo Tempel (AIP) See abstract
20.04.2018 Unveiling the cosmic web with Lyα emission from IGM filaments Marta Silva (U. Groningen) See abstract
06.04.2018 Taking a modern look at old friends : MUSE observations of oxygen-rich supernova remnants Frédéric Vogt (ESO) See abstract
16.03.2018 The Sphinx simulations : the first billion years and cosmic reionisation Joakim Rosdahl (CRAL) See abstract
09.03.2018 How to measure gas accretion on halo scales - A MEGAFLOW accretion study Johannes Zabl (IRAP) See abstract
02.03.2018 Orbital characterization of giant exoplanets and brown dwarfs with the VLT planet finder SPHERE Anne-Lise Maire (MPIA) See abstract
16.02.2018 Star-forming environments throughout the M101 Group Aaron Watkins (Oulu U.) See abstract
09.02.2018 Noise-based detection paradigm, Gnuastro and reproducible science Mohammad Akhlaghi (CRAL) See abstract
26.01.2018 Cosmological mass function Jan J. Ostrowski (CRAL) See abstract
19.01.2018 Methods for analyzing MUSE extragalactic deep-fields Raphaël Bacher (Univ. Grenoble) See abstract
12.01.2018 Machine Learning Applications for astronomy Pierre-Yves Lablanche (AIMS-South Africa) See abstract
- - - -
- - - -
15.12.2017 A holistic approach for cosmology with extragalactic surveys Johan Comparat (MPE) See abstract
1.12.2017 E=MC2 and the negative pressure of dark energy Bernard Castaing (LEGI Grenoble) See abstract
10.11.2017 Getting ready for JWST with new-generation spectral models and interpretation tools Jacopo Chevallard (IAP) See abstract
03.11.2017 Exploring the Universe with Quasar Absorption Spectra : correlations among tracers of the mass density field and the impact of ionizing background intensity fluctuations Satya Gontcho A Gontcho (U Barcelona) See abstract
20.10.2017 The Faint End of the HI Mass Function John Cannon (Macalester) See abstract
30.06.2017 Statistical isotropy of the Cosmos from Planck Tarun Souradeep (IUCAA) See abstract
23.06.2017 The Square Kilometre Array Jeff Wagg (SKA) See abstract
09.06.2017 The self induced secular evolution of gravitating systems Christophe Pichon (IAP) See abstract
02.06.2017 Dusty spirals triggered by shadows in protoplanetary disks Nicolás Cuello (Pontifica University) See
19.05.2017 Etats des lieux de la région transneptunienne avant l’ère JWST Aurélie Guilbert-Lepoutre (UTINAM) See
12.05.2017 Dark energy without dark energy : Observational tests and theoretical challenges David L. Wiltshire (University of Canterbury) See abstract
05.05.2017 Planetesimal Formation through the Streaming Instability Chao-Chin Yang (Lund Observatory) See abstract
14.04.2017 Dwarf Galaxies at the Peak Epoch of Star Formation Brian Siana (UC Riverside) See abstract
07.04.2017 Dust evolution in circumstellar disks Joanna Drążkowska (University of Zurich) See abstract
22.03.2017 The Evanescent wave coronagraph : Principle, Theoretical performance and preliminary results Christophe Buisset (NARIT, Thailand) See abstract
17.03.2017 The Life and Death of Star-Forming Molecular Clouds Sam Geen (U. Heidelberg) See abstract
10.03.2017 Cosmology with large spectroscopy surveys Anand Raichoor (EPFL) See abstract
24.02.2017 The MESSIER surveyor : lifting the veil on the ultra-low surface brightness universe David Valls-Gabaud (Paris Observatory) See abstract
20.01.2017 Science in the SKA era Mamta Pommier (CRAL) See abstract
- - - -
- - - -
16.12.2016 Kinematics of COSMOS star-forming galaxies over the last billion years Debora Pelliccia (LAM, Marseille) See abstract
09.12.2016 Spectral Energy Distribution of Galaxies : a tool to probe rapid star
formation quenching
Laure Ciesla (CEA, Paris) See abstract
02.12.2016 Hubble Frontiers Fields : A new Era for Gravitational Lensing & Cosmology Mathilde Jauzac (Durham University) See abstract
25.11.2016 What do numerical simulations tell us about the stellar magnetic field ? Laurène Jouve (IRAP, Toulouse) See abstract
18.11.2016 Galaxy Evolution in the first billion years with the JWST Andrew Bunker (Oxford) See abstract
04.11.2016 The Physical Conditions of Galactic Outflows John Chisholm (Geneva University) See abstract
28.10.2016 Galaxy stellar mass assembly from deep imaging surveys Olivier Ilbert (LAM, Marseille) See abstract
14.10.2016 Highlights from GLASS : Probing Galaxy Evolution from Redshift 0 to 8 with Slitless HST Spectroscopy of Lensing Clusters Kasper Borello Schmidt (AIP Potsdam) See abstract
07.10.2016 ALMA Observations of the Frontier Fields Franz Bauer (Pontifica University) See abstract
23.09.2016 Outflows from high redshift quasars : winds and radiation Tiago Costa (Leiden) See abstract
20.09.2016 Modélisation microscopique des étoiles compactes Adrien Licari (CRAL) Soutenance de thèse
16.09.2016 VLT/SPHERE deep planet search in the transitional disk of SAO 206462 Anne-Lise Maire (MPIA) See abstract
09.09.2016 Correction of apertures discontinuities for the direct imaging of exoplanets and circumstellar disks Johan Mazoyer (STScI) See abstract
22.07.2016 Nebular diagnostics with MUSE Fernando Selman (ESO) See abstract
13.07.2016 Transfert radiatif dans les galaxies à grand redshift Maxime Trebitsch (CRAL) Soutenance de thèse
01.07.2016 Two problems of IPT 2016 : Popsicle Stick Cobra and Sultry Day Jeremy Sautel (ENS) See abstract
24.06.2016 Deriving the gas and dust structure of transition disks from multi-wavelength observations Andres Carmona (IRAP) See abstract
20.06.2016 Energy dependence of aperiodic variability in low mass X-ray binaries Holger Stiele (National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan) See abstract
17.06.2016 No seminar SF2A -
13.06.2016 Balancing the Baryon Budget Ann Zabludoff (Arizona) See abstract
10.06.2016 Growing black holes in growing galaxies Marta Volonteri (IAP) See abstract
03.06.2016 The impact of energetic phenomena on the evolution of galaxies and
their black holes — a theoretical perspective
Michaela Hirschmann (IAP) See abstract
27.05.2016 The SCUBA-2 Cosmology Legacy Survey Dan Smith (University of Hertfordshire) See abstract
20.05.2016 Observations of inhomogeneity and backreaction : A status report David Wiltshire, University of Canterbury (New Zealand) See abstract
13.05.2016 Free Free -
06.05.2016 No seminar Ascension break -
29.04.2016 Dust coagulation with porosity evolution in planet formation Akimasa Kataoka See abstract
22.04.2016 Atmospheric flows in Stellar to Substellar Atmospheres and their impact on dust formation France Allard (CEA) See abstract
08.04.2016 Shear-driven instabilities and shocks in the atmospheres of hot Jupiters Sébastien Fromang (CEA) See abstract
25.03.2016 Spectroscopic Studies of Star-Forming Galaxies in the Reionization Era Richard Ellis (ESO, UCL) See abstract
18.03.2016 In-situ energetic particle acceleration in young stellar objects : Confronting theory to observations Alexandre Marcowith (Montpellier) See abstract
11.03.2016 The Star Formation Activity and Its Diversity of Low-Mass Galaxies at Cosmic Noon Haruka Kusakabe (Univ. Tokyo) See abstract
04.03.2016 Can we describe galaxy formation with a merger tree and a set of coupled, ordinary differential equations ? Peter Mitchell (CRAL) See abstract
26.02.2016 Image Restoration Methods : From Numerical Optimization Strategies to Blind Deconvolution and Shift-variant Deblurring, which will include three subtopics Rahul Mourya (Univ. Jean Monnet, Saint-Etienne) See abstract
12.02.2016 Dark energy as emerging average negative curvature : low-redshift observational challenges Boud Roukema (Torun Centre for Astronomy at Nicolaus Copernicus University) See abstract
29.01.2016 An overview of the mid-infrared spectro-interferometer MATISSE : science, concept, and current status Alexis Matter (Nice) See abstract
22.01.2016 The assumptions we make when we talk about attenuation Kyle Penner (CEA) See abstract
15.01.2016 Low Frequency view of merging galaxy clusters Mamta Pommier (CRAL) See abstract