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The Scientific Computing department gathers both the engineers and technicians with relevant skills for performing activities described below. It supports this way both the instrument developments, the national observation services and the science activities. Some scientific teams follow activitivies axes directly linked to their researchs, not listed here.


  • Astrophysical simulations These simulations focus on complex objects or astrophysical systems in order to test some theoritical hypothesis and evolution scenarii. The 3D simulation of astrophysical processes allows to check their role and importance to reproduce an observed behaviour. Theses simulations may also be predictive and inspire new observations. They use intensive computing.
  • Instrument numerical simulator An instrument numerical simulator (or model) is a software based on Fourrier optics which reproduces the path of the light throught the instrument. It replaces the instrument while being built, creating from astrophysical scenes raw data similar to those produced by the detectors in the future instrument.
  • Data reduction The data reduction software extracts the raw data, and removes the instrument signature in order to get data comparable with those acquired with any other instrument.
  • Data analysis The data analysis software extracts physical parameters from reduced data in order to try to help highlighting the physical processes in action.
  • Support to Assembly, Integration and Verification (AIV) while building instruments These pieces of software mainly aim at supporting optical teams and system engineers by allowing them to validate sub-systems and check compliance with specifications. They may also facilitate optical aligments during the assembly and integration phases.
  • System engineering/Project management The department hosts software projet managers and software system engineers involved in different ground based instrumental projects or GSE.
  • Participation to EFISOFT efi|soft is a french national group of experts dedicated to the control command software development of all ELT instruments.

The department also participate in the management of some computing facilities like the CCF (Common Computing Facility) a supercomputing facility with 1200 cores and 1Pb of storage bought by the labex LIO.