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School Contest : Le Petit Prince et l’Astronomie

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14:00 Wednesday 5th June 2019
Prize-giving ceremony for the School Contest "Le Petit Prince et l’Astronomie" at Brignais Briscope.

The "Le Petit Prince et l’Astronomie" contest was organized throughout the 2018-2019 school year by the EWASS 2019 local organization committee. Its aim was to advance astronomy in schools and to promote the study of sciences. Pupils and students from all across the Académie de Lyon (primary, middle and high schools) produced creative work, inspired by the brilliant novel by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry "Le Petit Prince", that linked astronomy with any other subject, but all the while pushed the imagination!

Organizational details about the contest are available here.

An award will be given to a class from each year-group. The ceremony will take place at 14:00 on Wednesday 5th June at the Brignais Briscope. The classes are invited to a performance of «Le Petit Prince» by the Compagnie Second Souffle in cooperation with dialogues en Humanité. After the award ceremony there will be an afternoon-snack. We wish to thank the Briscope for welcoming the classes and for the occasion, as well as the contest sponsors CEA and ESA. The selected works will be on show at B612. No! not the asteroid of the Petit Prince, but in the Médiathèque de Saint-Genis-Laval...