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Services under linux.

The computer service manages the linux computers which hosts the basical services for computers in network like DHCP, Name service (DNS), printers service etc.

- The web services
The computer department manages the public web site and the intranet web site of the unit. The server hosts also projects and staff web sites and personal pages of researchers and engineers. Pages are managed with CMS like SPIP, Wordpress, Joomla, wikis (pmwiki) or manualy.

The department develops web tools for local needs (booking room forms, informatic or administrative forms ...) using web languages (PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript , data bases Mysql).


The adminitrative and technical people use dedicated sotfware under Windows. We have some Windows servers and the workstations of the technical and administrative staffs use mainly
Windows. The computer service works to install, configure (network, antivirus, mail handler, automatic backup ...) and maintain these hosts.

The network at Charles André, historical "Observatoire de Lyon"

The computer service set up the local network architecture since 1991 and has expanded it ( 7 buildings linked via optical fibers) . The network is distributed in the rooms from cabinets or boxes containing the active hardware). The CISR was in charge of the link to the campus network via "LyRES" the metropolitan network "LyRES". En 2015, the CIRS take in charge the active hardware (switches) for a better homogeneous, centralized management.