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June 2024: 1st 4MOST subsystem on VISTA at Paranal

by Isabelle Vauglin - published on , updated on

 June 2024: 1st 4MOST subsystem on VISTA at Paranal

The Centre de Recherche en Astrophysique de Lyon (CRAL) is participating in the construction of the 4MOST spectrograph, under the direction of ESO, which will equip the European VISTA telescope to probe the Universe. The wide-field fiber spectrograph 4MOST will simultaneously analyze light from around 2,400 objects spread over a 4.2 square degree field.
In this project, CRAL is responsible for 4MOST’s two low-resolution spectrographs.
On June 9, the first 4MOST subsystem was installed on the VISTA telescope on Paranal. This was the 4MOST Cassegrain Cable Wrap, aka CaCW, which is a deliverable from AIP with contributions from MPIA. As this subsystem is quite large and heavy, and therefore must be shipped by sea containers, ESO agreed to ship it in advance of the PAE-1. The two sea containers arrived safely at Paranal on April 19.
The CRAL teams will install the two low-resolution spectrographs in February 2025.

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