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Part of the Universe’s missing matter found thanks to the MUSE instrument

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Part of the Universe's missing matter found thanks to the MUSE instrument

Galaxies can receive and exchange matter with their external environment thanks to the galactic winds created by stellar explosions. Thanks to the MUSE instrument from the Very Large Telescope at the ESO, an international research team, led on the French side by Johannes Zabl and Nicolas Bouché from CNRS and Claude Bernard Lyon 1 University, has mapped a galactic wind for the first time. This unique observation, which is detailed in a study published in MNRAS on 16 September 2021, helped to reveal where some of the Universe’s missing matter is located and to observe the formation of a nebula around a galaxy.

Press Release CNRS MUSE - N. Bouché

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Observation of a part of the Universe’s missing mass thanks to MUSE instrument


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