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Improv evening and Scientific video Contest

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22nd and 25th June 2019
Improv evening and Constest "Soirée d’improvisation théâtrale et concours de vidéos scientifiques de YouTubers»
at the MJC de Oullins
The event will be in French

Two evenings, open to all, are planned as part of the Festival À Nous de Voir.

On 22nd June (19:30) there will be a contest of scientific YouTube videos about the cosmos. The MJC d’Oullins solicited a call to science YouTubers for them to submit videos on the theme of the Universe. This evening will be the finale of the contest where prizes for both Jury and People’s Choice will be awarded.

On 25th June (19:30), an evening of Science Improv and Battle of the Cartoonists. The public is invited to discuss with scientists hidden amongst a group of actors who will improvise their responses. The public will have to identify those who are the real scientists, and who are the impostors. Additionally two cartoonists will compete against each other, responding to themes suggested by the public.

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View online : Évènement sur le site de À Nous de Voir