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The CRAL personnel is involved in various software developments from numerical simulations or modelisation to data analysis and data reduction, contributing to existing world-wide used software (adding functionalities or optimizing some parts) or developing complete new software. A great number of these software is available for the community and may be found below.

Some of them may be downloaded from the CRAL gitlab server.

Numerical simulations and modelization software:

Sofware Contact CRAL Description Language
A-MaZe Rolf Walder Code package to compute 3D magnetic flows, 3D NLTE radiative transfer, and synthetic spectra Fortran
LENSTOOL Johan Richard A gravitational lensing software for modeling mass distribution of galaxies and clusters C
PHANTOM Guillaume Laibe A smoothed particle hydrodynamics and magnetohydrodynamics code for astrophysics Fortran
RAMSES Benoit Commerçon & Joki Rosdahl Adaptive Mesh Refinement hydro code for self-gravitating astrophysical flows Fortran
RASCAS Leo Michel-Dansac & Jeremy Blaizot Massively parallel Monte Carlo code for resonant line transfer in AMR simulations Fortran


Data processing software:

Software Contact CRAL Description Language
GalPak3D Nicolas Bouché A tool to extract Galaxy Parameters and Kinematics from any 3-Dimensional data Python
LitPro Isabelle Tallon-Bosc A JMMC model fitting software Yorick + Java
MPDAF Roland Bacon & Laure Piqueras MUSE Python Data Analysis Framework Python
OImaging Ferréol Soulez A common GUI to run optical interferometry image reconstruction softwares Java
ORIGIN Roland Bacon A software to perform blind detection of faint emitters in MUSE datacubes Python
ULySS Philippe Prugniel A package to analyse astronomical spectroscopic data GDL/IDL

The CRAL personnel also contributes to scientific databases offered to the community.

Databases :

Data CRAL Contact Description
HyperLeda Philippe Prugniel Extragalactic database