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The CRAL personnel is involved in various software developments from numerical simulations or modelisation to data analysis and data reduction, contributing to existing world-wide used software (adding functionalities or optimizing some parts) or developing complete new software. A great number of these software is available for the community and may be found below.

Numerical simulations and modelization software:

Sofware Contact CRAL Description Language
A-MaZe Rolf Walder Code package to compute 3D magnetic flows, 3D NLTE radiative transfer, and synthetic spectra Fortran
LENSTOOL Johan Richard A gravitational lensing software for modeling mass distribution of galaxies and clusters C
PHANTOM Guillaume Laibe A smoothed particle hydrodynamics and magnetohydrodynamics code for astrophysics Fortran
RAMSES Benoit Commerçon & Joki Rosdahl Adaptive Mesh Refinement hydro code for self-gravitating astrophysical flows Fortran


Data processing software:

Software Contact CRAL Description Language
GalPak3D Nicolas Bouché A tool to extract Galaxy Parameters and Kinematics from any 3-Dimensional data Python
LitPro Isabelle Tallon-Bosc A JMMC model fitting software Yorick + Java
MPDAF Roland Bacon & Laure Piqueras MUSE Python Data Analysis Framework Python
NoiseChisel Mohammad Akhlagi (former postdoc, now at IAC) Gnuastro’s program to detect signal in noise C
OImaging Ferréol Soulez A common GUI to run optical interferometry image reconstruction softwares Java
ULySS Philippe Prugniel A package to analyse astronomical spectroscopic data GDL/IDL