Signal Processing for Astronomy

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I'm an astronomer working in signal processing and image restoration with applications to high angular resolution astronomy and biological and medical imaging.


Image Reconstruction
    • MiRA is an algorithm for image reconstruction from optical interferometric data.
    • Blind Deconvolution
    • Dynamic Tomography
    • Spatially variant Point Spread Function
    • Hyper-spectral imaging
    • Bio-medical imaging
Optimal Detection and Centroiding
    • Digital Holography
    • Exo-planets detection and spectral characterization
    • Photon-counting detector


  • ANR MiTiV
  • exploitation the inverse approach for image reconstruction in bio-medical imaging and astronomy.
  • WP4 Interferometric image reconstruction.
    Exploitation of all the multi-spectral capabilities of stellar interferometers.
  • Aspect FUI
    Developpment of inovative solutions to manage and secure goods transportation in an harbor.
  • Magnum2 FUI

Softwares and Algorithms

  • MiRA
  • Yeti
  • Yorick Plugins and Tips
  • Photon Counting
  • RFSXplore


  • CPng
  • CP40
  • SPiD


Éric Thiébaut
Centre de Recherche Astrophysique de Lyon

Observatoire de Lyon
9, avenue Charles André
F-69561 Saint Genis Laval Cedex (FRANCE)

+33 (0)4 78 86 85 48
+33 (0)4 78 86 83 86

Yeti 6.4.0

Yeti version 6.4.0 has been released (2015-02-06). This version has no new feature compared to 6.3.3 but is now hosted on GitHub. [more]


MiRA won 2008' Beauty Contest

MiRA has won the 2008' edition of the Beauty Contest for image reconstruction algorithms from optical interferometry data.


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