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Prochain séminaire le vendredi 17 janvier à 11h, salle de conférence de l’Observatoire.

Intervenant(e) : Sandrine Codis (IAP)

Titre : Alternative probes of cosmology using the large-scale structure of the Universe.

Résumé : In this talk, I will focus on two alternative probes of cosmology beyond two-pt correlation fonctions : topological invariants of the density field and count-in-cells statistics.

In a first part, I will show how to predict topological invariants for Gaussian fields in real space. Then, I will present recent results that allow to extend this theory to weakly non-Gaussian fields and to redshift space where some level of symmetry is broken. This formalism gives access to D(z) and to f=d log D/d log a- the linear growth rate of structures- which probe in particular the equation of state of dark energy and possible modifications of gravity.

In a second part, I will present some recent results in the field of count-in-cells statistics. The idea is to measure the mean densities within concentric spheres and study their joint statistics. Thanks to the spherical symmetry, one can do a mathematical conjecture that leads to surprisingly accurate predictions even in the mildly non-linear regime where standard PT calculations break down. This will be illustrated by comparisons with N-body results. Implications for Euclid will also be discussed.

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Les séminaires du CRAL ont généralement lieu le vendredi à 11 heures. Pour plus d’informations, veuiller contacter Jérémy Blaizot (blaizot at obs.univ-lyon1.fr).

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Jeudi 4 juillet, 14h, à l’Observatoire : Roberto Sussman (National University of Mexico, UNAM) LTB models : an old but still useful solution of Einstein’s field equations Abstract : The well known Tolman-Lemaitre-Bondi dust models were discovered in 1929 (and rediscovered many times afterwards). Even if they are one of the oldest known solution of Einstein’s field equations, they are still useful as toy models to describe inhomogeneous gravitational fields under a fully non-linear regime. (...)

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